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What To Bring

Please keep in mind that all tours will take you to some very beautiful yet secluded locations.

    It is recommended that you bring the following items with you:

  • Hat/Sunscreen: The Mittens may cast long shadows, but the sun will find you while you are on your tour (unless you are on a full-moon tour). Skin protection is highly encouraged.

  • Closed-toe shoes: The scenery is beautiful, but the terrain can be rough in spots. We recommend you wear shoes with good traction that will protect your feet from thorns.

  • Layered clothing: Weather in the valley can be very unpredictable. Windstorms, which have formed the valley into the spectacular sight you see today, can and do occur without warning throughout the year. These storms can bring lightning, rain or snow with them, depending on the season. If you are not sure what to expect, please inquire at the front desk or ask your tour guide.

  • Water/Snacks: Water is provided on all tours, but you are encouraged to bring a water bottle.

And, of course, a camera!